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Old Married Couples List Their 5 Secrets To a Happy Marriage

Old Married Couples List Their 5 Secrets To a Happy Marriage

Wedding planning can be a stressful time in any couples life, but once the day is over, the marriage begins. So much in your life changes when you get married, you may move home, change jobs, have children or get a dog together, whatever it is, it takes work and dedication. If I was to take any marriage advice it wouldn’t be from a young married couple, ohhh no.  The best advice will have to come from the longest married couples that I can find. They know what it takes to make it work and how to have a long and happy marriage together.  A recent survey of 700 married people with an average of 40 years married was done and these people had some good advice for us.

Old Married Couples List Their 5 Secrets To a Happy Marriage Explained

  1. Learn to Communicate

It’s important to talk, talk and talk some more. The elders believe that most issues can be resolved by talking and through open communication. So don’t bottle it up!

  1.   Get to Know Them Before You Marry Them

Many older people married very young, but the advice is to wait, find out what you want and who you want. The more you know and experience with your partner will work in your favour in the long run. It will allow you to figure out if marriage will work for you both. In addition to this, the advice was gave, “never try to change them”. Many people think that if they marry their partners, they will change them for the better. This is shi*e! Don’t do it!

  1.  Treat Your Marriage as a Lifelong Commitment, that Cannot be Broken.

Don’t just think that a marriage is about lasting until the passion does. You should think of it as a lifelong commitment between you and your partner. Many surveyed told of how they struggled sometimes but powered through it and they are happy that they did.

  1. Work as a Team with your Partner

This is vital to a long and happy marriage. If you work as part of a team and tackle any problems head on together, you are on your way to a long life together. Just like with a sports team, back each other up and you will go far!

  1. Choose a Partner that is Very Similar to you

Let’s be honest, marriage can be difficult at times and will push you to the limits at times, but it’s much easier with someone who shares your interests and values.

We hope you all have a long and happy marriage together!

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